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On these pages I want to show you my work in (3D-) Design, Photography, Music, Programming and Writing.

In 25+ years of working as a freelancer, I've gathered a lot of knowledge in a plethora of fields. Today I can rely on a large amount of experience that allows me to take a holistic view at design and come up with solutions that actually work in reality™. :-)

My central tool in this is 3D-software, first and foremost the amazing, node-based SideFX Houdini, suported by Rhino for construction and manufacturing and many other applications.

Depending on the project, 3D-printing, animation, photography, programming, sounddesign and writing join the fun.

I look forward to your ideas! :-)


Thomas Helzle

WIP Page for my collaboration with Susanne Kohl:

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Layered Spiral in Lightwave, Rhino and Thea Render

Wound Torroid in Softimage XSI, Blender and Cycles

Wiresculpture in Houdini and Redshift

Spiralsculpture in Lightwave

Generative Coral in SideFX Houdini and Redshift

Stylised Tree in Houdini and Redshift