Form, Flow, Material, Colour, Light...

...come together to form beauty.

Over the years my interest has more and more shifted towards rather "abstract" designs. These days, I mostly create my designs by a mixture of generative, algorithmic and organic processes that work along the lines that nature does.

So in a way, my work is "grown" by me dropping "seeds" and then creating a kind of "dna" and environmental influences that lead in interesting directions.

My tool of choice for this became SideFX Houdini, a 3D software mostly known for spectacular block-buster movie effects - which I'm not into at all.
Instead, I profit from the extreme optimisation of their code and tools towards speed and ease of use when it comes to complex systems and their dedication to simulate natural phenomena and work generatively. In a combination of visual nodes and code I can develop my ideas and grow them in different directions.

For rendering the final images, I use mostly Redshift, a 3D renderer that is completely GPU based and allows me to get fast and beautiful previews and final renders.

Have a look around! :-)




Red Steel Roots