It's all about the Flow...

Flowing, semi-organic forms are what I love. Smooth surfaces accentuated by clear edges and wherever possible, reduction and simplicity - although those can sometimes be rather complex and detailed, like a tree in nature, and still somehow be simple.

For this I use on one hand generative, procedural techniques to make complexity controlable with algorithms, code and nodes, on the other hand I use manual subdivision surface modelling and CAD/NURBS for precise construction.

For the rendering of images I love unbiased renderers, which simulate physically correct lights and how they bounce off surfaces for a smooth and realistic look.

For prototyping I have two FDM 3D-printers to directly test and feel designs as they evolve.

Enjoy the Galleries!


A sculptural loudspeaker design I hope to hear and touch one day...

Procedural structure in SideFX Houdini

A growth structure designed in Grasshopper, then further treated in Illustrator and Photoshop

A wonderfully reduced Design for a lamp in SDS-modelling

A topology study created in TopMod, then further treated and rendered in Softimage XSI

Stylised rendering of a Lobster in Black and White

The sound of distant thunder visualised in SideFX Houdini